September 14 , 2010

News From IHPM's WorkPlace Centers for Health

At the heart of IHPM lie its WorkPlace Centers,  focused on the critical areas of cost and lost performance for employers – the cardio-metabolic “syndrome,” depression and other “behavioral health” issues,  smoking and the respiratory diseases that it spawns, and musculoskeletal pain.

Through the field work of the Centers, the Institute has gotten “inside” these huge health problems right where employers encounter their full impact – in the workplace.  The WorkPlace Centers are unique to IHPM in their dual focus on the clinical markers of disease and the economic impacts of poor health.  Their work is designed to advance the field of health and productivity management by avoiding medical costs and reducing productivity losses.

This e-News updates our readers on the work of the two largest Workplace Centers:

WorkPlace Center for Metabolic Health

The oldest of the Centers with the longest record of achievements is the WorkPlace Center for Metabolic Health, with founding sponsor Abbott, later joined by supporting sponsor American Regent.  The Metabolic Center has three new “products” to share with the health and productivity marketplace:

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Authored by Rick Nevins, MD - Chief Clinical Officer, IHPM

<click here for your copy>

Soon to be published in print in Health & Productivity Management magazine, this CKD article contains a simple CKD Screener and list of Symptoms of CKD.

Are You At Risk for CKD?

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A full summary report and peer-reveiwed article available now!  The latest and biggest of the metabolic health initiatives - a Healthy Worksite Initiative in the State of Washington - overseen by the Center,  done by the University of Washington Health Promotion Research Center is available for your review.  These and other articles and material also are available on the WorkPlace Center for Metabolic Health web page.

Healthy Worksite Initiative Evaluation: Final Report

(A Metabolic Health Worksite Initiative )

<Click here to read, print or download your copy>

Methodologies and Outcomes to Reduce Metabolic Health Risks, Improve Workplace Productivity and Implement a Culture of Health Change for Employees of the State of Washington

Authors: Richard Nevins, MD; Scott Pritchard, MS;

Kathleen Clark, MS, RD, CDE; Sara Eve SarLicker, MPH

Published in IHPM’s peer-reviewed Journal of Health & Productivity (Vol.5 No. 1). <Click here to read, print or download your copy>


WorkPlace Center for Respiratory Health

The more recent WorkPlace Center for Respiratory Health, (founding sponsor - Boehringer Ingelheim) has become very active in its first year.  A very well-received recent webinar on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is currently available on the home page of IHPM’s website. <click here to register and listen to a full recording of this webinar>

On October 20th, the first of two IHPM Academies on COPD – the next great global chronic disease “epidemic” from generations of smokers – will be held in Dallas, featuring Robert Conte, MD a pulmonologist and consulting medical director for major employers such as Halliburton and the City of Houston (contact to reserve a place today).  A second such Academy will be held in November in Chicago, and will feature William Bunn, MD, Vice President for Health, Safety & Productivity at Navistar International and lead author of an earlier article in IHPM’s peer-reviewed Journal of Health & Productivity - JHP (Vol. 3, No. 1) entitled:

Validation of Employer-Focused Actuarial Model for Measuring the Economic Burden of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Authors:  William Bunn, MD, JD, MPH; Dan Pikelny, MA, MBA, CEBS;

F. Randy Vogenberg, RPH, PhD; Jan Berger, MD; Leo K. Lichtig, PhD;

Debra Liebeskind, FSA; Jorge A. Font, MPH

<click here to read, print and download your copy>

And soon available on the web page of the Respiratory Center will be dynamic videos and print materials that are part of the

DRIVE4COPD “Pink Ribbon” Campaign

involving NASCAR and driver Danica Patrick as well as Grammy-Award winning country music star Patty Lovelace along with Bruce Jenner, Michael Strahan, and Jim Belushi

Review the Campaign

Take the COPD Screener

(identify if you are at risk for COPD with this simple five question screener)

Download the Patty Lovelace exclusive new single "DRIVE"



As we look ahead:

11th Annual International IHPM Health & Productivity Conference

Orlando, April 4-6, 2011

IHPM will continue to push the boundaries of defining and increasing the value of employee health, for companies and nations alike.  For the first time:

NEW! - Three Pre-Conference Academies

  • Value-Based Health (VBH) featuring winners of IHPM’s 4th Annual VBH Awardschaired by Steve Priddy, Director of Employer Relations for VBH – sponsored by sanofi-aventis;
  • End-of-Life Issues for the Working Caregiverchaired by Dr. Brent Pawlecki, Medical Director for Pitney Bowes and featuring presenters like Dr. Alberto Colombi, Medical Director for PPG Industries;
  • Prevention in Value-Based Chronic Disease Management  by the Stateschaired by John Robitscher from the National Academy of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD).

General Session Topics and Themes will include :

  • Global Health Care Trends: Updatedby Dr. Bill Crounse, Senior Director of Worldwide Health for Microsoft and a huge hit at our 9th Annual Conference two years ago in Scottsdale;
  • Rewards and Punishments: Incentives and Work Force Engagementa multi-employer panel discussion chaired by Randy Abbott,  Towers Watson National Director;
  • Mobile Messaging and Employee Engagementan update on the growth of the newest and most dynamic technology for raising engagement and compliance to new levels;
  • Demography is Destiny: National Health Care Consequences  of an Aging Population Speaker (tbc) from the annual “Boomers Conference;”
  •  “Two  Pens “ InitiativeDr. Wells Shoemaker, a star of this year’s Conference, shares  interim results from IHPM’s Employer Initiative with the California Association of Physician Groups ;
  • End-of-Life Issues for Working Caregivers: special panel Chaired by Dr. Brent Pawlecki, Medical Director for Pitney Bowes - in follow up to IHPM’s 2010 Conference – featuring the latest research findings and best corporate practices helping employees to manage the challenge of dealing with end-of-life issues for parents or other family members;
  • Pushing the Measurement Curve:  Debra Lerner, PhD., Director of the Program on Health, Work and Productivity at Tufts University Medical Center and IHPM’s global partner on health and productivity measurement,  shares findings from her latest work on the impact of health issues on workplace performance;
  • Depression and Productivity: Panel Discussion from IHPM’s Workplace Center for Behavioral Health focusing on the single greatest cause of lost productivity, or presenteeism, in the modern knowledge-based work force;
  • Moving consumer brands in health from commodities to “Trustmarks” - Bob Isherwood, Chief Creative Dude & Co-CEO of i.e. healthcare;
  • Global “Epidemics” and Workplace Health: Employer and Provider Perspectives on Influenza, Diabetes and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease;
  • Examples of Employer Best Practices in Health and Productivity Management – Eastman Chemical, Pitney Bowes, PPG Industries, and Qualcomm;
  • 11th Annual Winners of IHPM’s Corporate Health & Productivity Management Awards sponsored by Aetna

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