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Mission of the WorkPlace Center on Sleep Health & Wellness:  to establish sleep as a pillar of workplace health


The Importance of Sleep:  It is reported that at least 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea, and shift-work sleep disorder according to the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research, part of the National Health, Lung and Blood Institute.



Sleep Health Value Proposition: 

Health Care Cost | Safety | Productivity

Health Care Cost

  • Economics of Sleep Health
  • Peri-Operative Care & Sleep
  • Comorbidities of Sleep
    • Sleep & CVD
    • Sleep & Diabetes
    • Sleep & Obesity
    • Sleep & COPD
    • Sleep & Depression
    • Sleep & Cancer
    • Sleep & Chronic Pain



  • Sleep & Transportation Accidents
  • Sleep & Workplace Accidents



  • Sleep & Functional Impairment
  • Sleep & Disability
  • Sleep & Work Days Lost








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  • Sleep and TelemedicineJournal of Clinical Medicine; Bruynell, M.; J. Clin. Med. 2016, 5, 116; doi:10.3390/jcm5120116


  • Sleep Health in the WorkPlace: DREAM BIG! Dive Deep into the Impacts of Sleep Deprivation * Recorded Webinar [connect here to listen]






  • Introductory Publication on the Importance of this WorkPlace Center: 


Addressing the Huge Economic and Social Costs of Sleep Disorders | Sleepless in America...[Read More]


“Sleep that knits the raveled sleeve of care ….Sore labor’s bath, the balm of hurt minds ….”

These lines from Shakespeare’s MacBeth describe poetically the holistic health benefits of sleep to the body and mind — yet the expanding global marketplace of corporate wellness generally fails to provide a place for this foundational “missing pillar” of human health and wellbeing. This surprising failure by most employers to address sleep — despite substantial evidence from numerous studies of its impact on health and work — has led to creation of IHPM’s newest WorkPlace Center for Sleep Health & Wellness™. [read more]

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To learn more or ask about opportunities to reduce cost, and improve safety and productivity of your employee population by improving sleep health....





Advisory Board Members Include:

Chair Person:  Allan Pack, MD, Professor of Medicine, Director of Center for Sleep & Respiratory Neurobiology | University of PENN
David French, President & CEO | Optisom
Ralph Gualtieri, MD, Medical Affairs Director - Health Systems Merck
Kevin Potts, VP of Plan Services | Union Pacific Railroad Employee Health Systems
Pamella Thomas, MD, Chief Medical Officer | IHPM


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