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Health & Productivity Management e-Mag

Health & Productivity Management is an electronic publication of articles and special features relating to a full range of health, wellness, disease management and productivity topics in the workplace.


Editorial Board

Co-Editors:  Sean Sullivan, JD | President & CEO

                          Deborah Love | EVP, COO & International Liaison | IHPM


Bill Williams III, MD, FAAFP| Sr. VP | IHPM & NAMCP

Steve Priddy, Executive Director | Value-Based Health Initiative | IHPM

Pamella Thomas, MD, MPh| Chief Medical Officer | IHPM (formerly Dir. Wellness & Health | Lockheed Martin)

Catherine Baase, MD, Chief Health Officer| The Dow Chemical Co.

William B. Bunn III, MD, MD MPh| Consultant (formerly  VP, Health, Safety & Productivity |Navistar)

John Cooper, MD | Consultant (formerly Occupational Health | Unilever)

Scott Pritchard, Dir., Integrated Employee Health & Productivity | Washington State Health Care Authority


Contact:  Sean Sullivan, JD -




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