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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): The New Workplace "Epidemic"

Nature, Prevalence, Cost Impact & Management of COPD- Chan-Chou Chuang, MD -  HealthCare Partners Medical Group

Economic Burden of COPD on Employers - William Bunn, MD, JD, MPH - Navistar International

Using Pay-for-Performance to Improve COPD Care - Guy D’Andrea - Discern Consulting

Employers’ Perspective on COPD and HEDIS Measurement - William Tulloch - NCQA

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Programs that Increase Engagement & Sustain Behavior Change

Trane:  Heidi Lattig, Director of Health & Productivity

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Fikry Isaac, MD, MPH - Exec. Dir., Global Health Services &

Jennifer Bruno - Worldwide Dir., Wellness & Health Promotion

Journal of Health and Productivity
Journal of Health and Productivity


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Healthy Worksite Initiative for Employees of the State of Washington

Richard Nevins, MD;1 Scott Pritchard, MS;2 Kathleen Clark, MS, RD, CDE;3 Sara Eve SarLicker, MPH4

1 Chief Clinical Officer & VP Research & Development, Institute for Health and Productivity Management
2 Director, Integrated Employee Health & Productivity, Health Care Authority, State of Washington
3 Project Manager, Integrated Employee Health & Productivity, Health Care Authority, State of Washington
4 Health Program Specialist, Integrated Employee Health & Productivity, Health Care Authority, State of Washington



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