November 2, 2015 

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IHPM | WPWA 11th Annual EU Forum
Host: Netsle
Global Headquarters | Vevey, Switzerland
19/20 November 2015


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Leading thinkers and practitioners in the universe of "total" employee health - encompassing wellness, wellbeing and performance - will be gathering November 19th and 20th at Nestle Global Headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland to "push the curve" of health and productivity improvement at the IHPM | WorkPlace Wellness Alliance 11th Annual EU Forum.

Key theme sessions include:

Experiences of multinational leaders in Health & Wellness, and in Corporate Wellbeing will be shared by Novartis AG, Unilever, BT Group, and BP International - while Forum Host Nestlewill share its global vision and knowledge of Nutrition, Health and Wellness.

Companies with interests in the Middle East (part of EMEA for many multinationals) will hear from Dubai Holding, IHPM’s 2015 International Corporate Health & Productivity Management Award Recipient, and UAE-based Consilient. A report on China will be provided by Shanghai-based AWB Health.

You will not find another program like this in Europe or elsewhere, because it derives from the mission of the WorkPlace Wellness Alliance - given to IHPM by the World Economic Forum two years ago - to Advance Health and Performance Globally.


At the US Chamber of Commerce Annual Health Care Summit in Washington, DC on October 20th, IHPM President & CEO, Sean Sullivan spoke on the role of Self-Care and Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medicines in Improving the Role of the Patient Across the Health Care Continuum - focusing on the huge savings from reduced work impairment or "presenteeism" when employees can self-treat minor ailments such as allergies, heartburn and minor pain to maintain their functionality and quality of life. IHPM also shared its research publication on Self-Care and OTCs with the Summit audience.

Click here to download your copy of this pathbreaking paper on The Case for Self-Care and Over-the-Counter Medicines: Value-Add to Health Care and Productivity for Employees and Employers.


The Case for Self-Care and Over-the-Counter Medicines:

Value-Add to Health Care and Productivity for Employees and Employers


IHPM and its Work Place Wellness Alliance now can offer an instrument - the validated 21-item Wellbeing Questionnaire - to provide a practical measure of wellbeing at the work place level, including its impact on productivity........ (READ MORE)

Institute for Health and Productivity Management | IHPM - Advancing Health and Performance Globally is a non-profit enterprise devoted to establishing the value of employee health as a global business asset.  The core principle at the center of all of the Institute’s work is that health, well-being, and productivity are global issues impacting the success of companies and nations.    IHPM provides data analyses, measurement tools, and HPM services and consultation to its members and clients in the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. The Institute helps employers to identify the cost impact of employee health on business performance, choose the best programs to reduce this impact by improving health and productivity, and measure the success of their efforts. The institute is a unique driving force for changing health from a medical cost to a business asset for employers and nations. This unique status was recently acknowledged by the World Economic Forum when it chose IHPM as a partner for its global Work Place Wellness Alliance.

WorkPlace Wellness Alliance [WPWA] is a global group of multinational companies focused on transforming workplaces into environments that promote and sustain optimal health, wellbeing and performance.
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