February 5 , 2014

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IHPM | WWA 14th Annual Global HPM Conference

IHPM's 14th Annual Conference Sessions Cover the Waterfront and Span the Globe


Attendees at IHPM’s Annual Conference are exposed to a wide range of topical presentations and discussions not be found at other conferences  – as well as finding the only truly global event of its kind on the U.S. conference calendar.  This eNews previews four more of the kind of sessions that will make Orlando the capital of health and wellness and productivity on March 24-26.

The Neglected Cost Impact of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism on the Workplace Russ Hagen, CEO of Chestnut Global Partners and a member of IHPM’s Workplace Wellness Alliance Steering Group, takes a new look at what always has been and will be the most significant substance abuse issue.  This issue comes and goes across corporate radar screens, but remains near the top of the health and productivity workplace impact list – and gets a new look at the 14th Annual Conference.

Wellness and Culture Change in the Public Sectorthe low turnover rate and mostly sedentary lifestyle of many public employees make them an ideal population for wellness programs to reduce the risk of future chronic illness, while their age profile also makes the future cost of paying to treat those chronic conditions a threat to the solvency of states and municipalties.  Doug McKeever, Chief of the Health Policy Research Division at CalPERS, the biggest buyer of health care in the U.S. after the Federal government, will talk about the compelling obligation to implement health and wellness strategies for the more than 1200 public employers in the state that contract with CalPERS for their health benefits (representing about 1.4 million covered members).  Doug will talk about the pilot projects (one of them involving IHPM) on worksite wellness and behavior change that have helped shape this new strategy to control those future health care costs, and point the way forward for a bellwether organization that has significant influence on other public purchasers.   The current successes and future plans of state and municipal governments in the U.S. parallel efforts by the European Commission of the EU and the heads of state in both Japan and Russia to make healthier lifestyles a vital new public policy aimed at preserving fiscal solvency while improving the health of nations.

Global Health and Wellness Data to Drive Business Decisions Zorianna Hyworon, Founder and CEO of Canada-based Infotech, a global data/measurement leader, is joined by Dr. Alberto Colombi former Global Medical Director of PPG Industries, for a reprise of their highly-rated dialogue at IHPM’s recent 9th Annual EU Forum in London – illustrating how the right kinds and uses of data can give business decision-makers a new strategic tool for work force management to improve operating results.

Using the Heart Age Program to Drive Health Behavior Change in the Workplace and Wider Community. At the IHPM|WWA EU Forum last November,  IHPM discovered an exciting new program developed at Unilever and called Heart AgeMark Cobain travels from London to Orlando to present  Heart Age has shown it self uniquely able to serve as a validated measure of cardiovascular risk, predictive of outcomes, and to motivate lifestyle change in ways proven to lead to better health status when incorporated in standard health checks.  Development of workplace programs incorporating learnings from Heart Age and Unilever’s international award-winning Lamplighter program has potential for extended use globally; a recent clinical trial has shown that this simple approach of “keeping your heart young” can reduce cardiovascular risk scores significantly, and is scalable with a small investment.

These kinds of sessions are indicative of why IHPM’s Annual Global Conference has become the place to find the future of heath & wellbeing and performance – as you can discover for yourself in Orlando, March 24-26. [Register Here]


Previously Highlighted Sessions: Here are four more sessions you will not want to miss:

How the Cleveland Clinic Bent the Cost Curve Down – and What You Can Do for You - Michael Roizen, MD, Chief Wellness Officer at The Cleveland Clinic (the first such position at any major health care institution in the U.S.) and Chair of The Wellness Institute created to elevate preventive care and wellness as a core brand of one of the world’s leading medical institutions.  Dr. Roizen will describe the Clinic’s four concerted processes focusing on culture and environmental changes, inexpensive scalable programs and the use of incentives to improve employees’ health and measure the impact by reducing health plan costs. (Dr. Roizen also represents The Cleveland Clinic on IHPM’s WorkPlace Wellness Alliance Business Council).

Ford Motor Addresses the Pareto Principle in Healthcare - Walter Talamonti, MD,  Medical Director at Ford Motor.  Dr Talamonti returns to the IHPM platform to describe a creative pilot project with a multi-stakeholder ambulatory intensive care model employing nurses in primary care offices – being done by Ford in collaboration with health plans, large multi-specialty physician groups, and the United Auto Workers Trust.  The project is aimed at improving the care of the 20 percent of chronically ill patients who account for 80 percent of the medical costs; returning these employees to better health is critically important to employers with older work forces.

Health Care Future Shock: Trends, Forces and Strategic Implications for Employers - Randall Abbott, Senior Consultant and North American Leader | Health and Group Benefits at Towers Watson and a key partner in IHPM’s Value-Based Health Initiative and judge of the Value-Based Health Awards, assesses a range of U.S. and global trends in (1) health care delivery, (2) work force health and productivity, and (3) the role of technology in strategies to engage employees in wellness programs and sustain healthy lifestyle behavior change.  Randy suggests how these trends will continue to change the way employers manage their organizational health strategies – including a look at the likely impact of health care “reform” in the U.S.

From Creative Thought to Amazing Reality - Brent Baier, inventor of the Peregrine Glove (seen in the recent production of the Pacific Rim) and Founder of Iron Will Innovations talks about leading his eight-year-old company into new areas of wearable health and safety technologies that can enable functionality and increase productivity.  Brent provides both practical and inspirational thoughts on the creative process from start to finish – whether it’s for an invention like the Peregrine Glove or starting a new business – and shows how any individual’s creative idea can change the world around him for better.


Be Recognized as an Employer Leader: Join a Distinguished List of 51 Previous Award Winners

IHPM’s Corporate Health & Productivity Management Award Program (CHPM) has been recognizing leaders (small, medium and large employers | international and domestic) in the HPM universe for the past 13 years around the globe. Previously, 51 employers have been chosen to receive this prestigious business and health award, given only to those who are recognizing employees’ health as a human capital asset and choosing to invest in its improvement as a conscious business strategy.  Health and Productivity Management (HPM) is all about realizing the full long-term economic value of employee health – instead of just trying to control annual expenditures on medical care. 

The Global CHPM Awards stand apart from all other award programs in business and health by focusing on the ultimate outcome for employers – better employee health and productivity.  They recognize the efforts of true corporate leaders striving to integrate the disciplines of wellness and health promotion, prevention and disease management, and disability management – rather than accomplishments in any one of these more limited domains. 

The CHPM Awards Program is sponsored by AETNA (2009-2014) and overseen by Joseph Leutzinger, PhD, President of IHPM’s Academy & Managing Editor of the peer-reviewed Journal of Health & Productivity.  He is joined by a panel of judges, applying rigorous criteria developed to recognize truly comprehensive health management programs that demonstrate their value with measures of workplace impact on functional health and performance.  These programs reduce the “burden of illness” and the total economic costs associated with it.

At the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando, Florida on Monday, March 24th, the 14th Annual Awards will be presented to a new group of winners – YOU CAN BE ONE OF THOSE RECIPIENTS! 

Click on the appropriate linked text to download the criteria for a Corporate Health & Productivity Management Award.  Applications or questions should be submitted to Deborah@ihpm.org.

(Please note, by request from submitting employers the due date is extended to February 28 for submission.)

Corporate Level I application if the applying organization has not been a recipient of an IHPM Corporate Health and Productivity Management Award.

Corporate Level II application if the organization has previously received an IHPM Corporate Health and Productivity Management Award.

International application if the organization is located outside of the United States


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IHPM |WWA 14th Annual Global Conference
Making Health & Wellbeing Global Values:
Good for People | Good for Business

Good for Global Prosperity
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