Descriptive Agenda + UPDATES:  March 28, 2011
11th Annual International IHPM Health & Productivity Conference

Orlando, FL ~ April 4-6, 2011

Trends, Issues, Solutions: Health and Productivity Management in the U.S.A. & Abroad

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NEW! BRINGING HEALTH SOLUTIONS TO CHINA THROUGH ENTERPRISE HEALTH MANAGEMENT - Dr. Jie Li, Chief Medical Expert, Standing Vice Chairman - Ciming Health Check-up Co., Ltd.

NEW! The War on Cancer:  Where do we Stand? What are we Doing? Where are we Going? Dawn Holcombe, MBA, FACMPE, ACHE - President, DGH Consulting. Cancer has been moved, through better detection and treatment, from a fatal disease to more of a chronic illness.  What is the status of the "war on cancer" today, and what are the implications for business?  How is it being managed between payers and physicians?  What are the implications of health care reform, the drug and research pipeline, and the roles and value of external oncology management models?  What have we learned from the past few years about cost-effectiveness and quality management of oncology, and what are the challenges and opportunities for the future? Dawn Holcombe, who also is Executive Director of the Connecticut Oncology Association will address these questions, and provide context for considering programs and policies for the management of cancer in 2011 and beyond.

NEW! Just added to the pre-conference Value-Based Health Academy – double Corporate HPM Award-winner Triumph Aerostructures-Vought Aircraft, with Lauren Hallberg, MBA, Wellness Benefits Director, and David Atkinson, Vice President for Wellness Consulting at Cooper Corporate Solutions,  talking about how the company’s Livewell program “Helped Make 50 the New 20”, moved employees from smoking to stretching, and changed the emphasis from “fixing things” to “keeping them from breaking in the first place.” Triumph-Vought has adopted a true “human capital” model for its employees’ health, aiming at reducing the total cost “burden of illness” or BOI, and not just trying to contain medical costs.

NEW!  Aflac to Sponsor IHPM's Value-Based Health Awards and Pre-Conference Academy IHPM is very pleased to announce that Aflac is assuming sponsorship of the 4th Annual Value-Based Health Awards as well as the Pre-Conference Academy on Value-Based Health at this year’s Conference.  Aflac has been a member and sponsor of the VBH Initiative since its inception, and now is adding sponsorship of the VBH Awards and the Pre-Conference VBH Academy.

Aflac is becoming an even bigger player in the U.S. health insurance market from its long-time market-leading base in supplemental benefits, while expanding its partnership with the Institute,” said IHPM President & CEO Sean Sullivan.  “We’re already working together on strategies to bring greater value to employers,  and Aflac’s sponsorship of the VBH Awards and Academy is a natural extension of this collaboration.  We’re excited!”

"We’re delighted to have Aflac as the Sponsor of the VBH Awards and the Academy," added Steve Priddy, IHPM’s Executive Director of Employer Relations and head of the VBH Initiative.  “In addition to developing new value-added products for customers, as a major employer themselves they’re also pursuing value health programs for their own employees.” 

Aflac’s Senior Vice President for National Group Sales, Ron Sanders, noted that “We’re building a larger platform of products designed to increase the value of employers’ and employees’ health care dollars; we appreciate the value to Aflac of this closer association with IHPM and its leadership programs in the employer marketplace.”  Sanders will be joined on-stage in Orlando by Jeff Hyman, Aflac’s Vice President of Sales for Key Accounts, to help make the Award presentations at the Conference on Tuesday morning, April 5th.

UPDATE!  Building a Case for a "Mind-Body"Approach to Stress Management - Reporting on a pilot study - followed by a Wednesday morning "live working session." Join Kyra Bobinet, MD, MPH, Medical Director of Health and Wellness Innovation at Aetna, on Tuesday, April 5 at 5:30 p.m. as she discusses the early results from a randomized controlled pilot study of two stress-reduction programs. Aetna collaborated with eMindful Inc.’s research team headed by Ruth Q. Wolever, PhD, Director of Research at Duke Integrative Medicine, and Gary Kraftsow, MA, E-RYT 500 of the American Viniyoga Institute, to test whether mind-body approaches, such as mindfulness meditation and therapeutic yoga, can reduce stress and improve overall health. 

Experiental Learning Opportunity!
Mind Body Every Day Practice Session - Join Kyra Bobinet, MD, MPH, Mind-Body Expert, on Wednesday morning at 6:00 a.m. as she introduces a few highly effective mind-body practices that you can do throughout your day to strengthen your mental, emotional and physical well being.  Mindfulness focuses us to be present, step outside of those thoughts, physical feelings or emotions that have kicked us into a stress cycle, and how to choose a different approach.

UPDATE! Rick Kupchella, creator of the "Biggest Loser Minnesota Challenges" joins RedBrick Health's Kyle Rolfing, CEO for the Healthy Workplace Challenges:  A Little Friendly Competition - It’s no secret that social games and challenges are becoming one of the most innovative and effective ways to engage individuals in their health. Using Red Brick Health’s social engagement platform, The Alliance for a Healthier Minnesota launched large-scale, multi-tiered weight loss, exercise and nutrition competitions between some of the largest employers in Minnesota, including General Mills, Target and United Health Group. The results? More than 10,000 employees participated, losing 37,000 pounds and exercising more than 16.5 million minutes. Learn how social and peer support and pressure, specific team dynamics and a little friendly competition can drive even greater engagement in healthy behavior change.

Just in case you missed this last week - UPDATE!  Mobile Technology and Health Improvementpresentations on-stage and demonstrations in the exhibit area of some of the newest and best tools for harnessing the power of technology to increase employee engagement in health promotion and prevention programs and enable them to obtain and sustain better outcomes that also bring productivity gains to the workplace.  Join Barry Hix, Executive Director of Healthcare Solutions, 3Cinteractive and John Styers, Vice President for Corporate Strategy & Industry Relations for 3Cinteractive in addition to Doug Robinson, CEO, Rush Hour Digital (i-phone applications) and Randall Gardner, CEO 4G Biometrics (diabetes interventions and patient compliance) for a session that will open your eyes and minds to the potential gains from bringing health care – finally -- into the same “brave new world” as the rest of the economy!

Nearly everyone in the US recognizes the inefficiencies of our healthcare system today. In 2012 it is projected that we will spend $3.1 trillion on healthcare, by 2016 that will increase to $4.3 trillion, or 20% of the U.S. GDP.  The world’s population is aging and expenditures for healthcare are increasing at an unsustainable rate. Technology companies in concert with innovative healthcare institutions are creating new approaches that will serve patients in a more cost- efficient manner.

This session will explore how mHealth can provide all the players in healthcare a means to connect with patients in a way never before possible. Allowing them to drive behavior changes and improve health outcomes while also addressing operational efficiencies and reducing wasteful spending.  Leading mHealth organizations 3Cinteractive, Rush Hour Digital and 4G Biometrics will present compelling use cases to illustrate how mobile is already being used to make healthcare more effective and efficient.  The use cases will touch on using mobile to improve staffing efficiency, increase health education and drive compliance with diabetes treatment regimen.

Special Event! Public Policy Dinner Session, Tuesday April 5th - Kirsten Axelsen, Vice President Worldwide Policy and Lydia Pan, Director, Worldwide Science Policy from Pfizer

Public Policy Dinner Session - Part I – Health Care Reform: Implementation and Implications - Kirsten Axelsen, Vice President, Worldwide Policy, Pfizer - Health care reform is underway – but we need to distinguish what it is from what it isn’t, identify the key implementation issues it raises, and understand clearly what actually has been implemented so far. Implementation will focus attention on four major areas of particular interest for the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Definition of Essential Benefits
  • Ramifications of Comparative Effectiveness Research
  • Role of the Independent Payment Advisory Board
  • Implications for Wellness and Prevention

Leadership in medical innovation that saves and preserves lives is a hallmark of American health care: why should we care about preserving an environment for such innovation, and what would be the ultimate impact of the reform legislation on medical innovation?

Public Policy Dinner Session Part II – Personalized Medicine: A Vision for Personalized Healthcare - Lydia Pan, Director, Worldwide Science Policy, Pfizer - A revolution in health care also is underway – known as personalized medicine, which is fundamentally about getting the right drug to the right patient in the right dose and at the right time.  Genetics, genomics and other diagnostic technologies are changing the way drugs are developed and medicine is prescribed.  And understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying disease is changing the very way we define medical conditions – enabling us to reclassify what was considered a single disease into subtypes that require different treatments.  A personalized medicine approach to health care can improve individual patient outcomes as well as the overall effectiveness of the system.  But while new targeted therapeutics for certain types of cancer are giving us a glimpse of this future, the uptake of personalized medicine in areas like cardiovascular health has been slow.

Changes will be needed across the health care infrastructure, diagnostics business models and reimbursement policy to support development and delivery of personalized medicine.  Key questions include:

  • How do we create the policy and regulatory environments needed to support innovation for personalized medicine?
  • How will we educate health care professionals and patients to take advantage of advances in personalized medicine?
  • How will we pay for new molecularly targeted therapies?

Personalized medicine recognizes that differences among subpopulations affect predisposition to disease and response to treatment.  But many patients – particularly minorities – have been underrepresented in clinical research, resulting in knowledge gaps that challenge our ability to optimize therapies for them.

NOTE:   There will be ample time for the speakers to engage in discussion with attendees following their presentations.


Connecting Population Health Management to the “Health Ecosystem”Philip Hagen, MD, and Michael Casey, MBA from Mayo Clinic Health Solutions are joined by Steve Munini, Chief Operating Officer of Dossia, and Karl Dalal, Director of Health & Prevention Benefits for BP America for this new perspective on the value that Population Health Management brings to Health and Productivity Management.

YUM! BRANDS - Engaging a Global Business in Health and Well-Being - David J. Hoke, Wellness Manager, Yum! Total Rewards. Yum! Brands, the world's largest restaurant company (KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell), faces the challenge of delivering compelling results across multiple global business units. By taking a global view this organization has been able to engage its workforce without using incentives or tying its efforts directly to US healthcare.  Hear how the idea of personal energy has helped reach a diverse work force across these multiple business units, and has proven more globally relevant than more traditional approaches.  This session will ask you to think differently about how best to engage your work force in improving its health and with greater impact. 

RedBrick Health - Healthy Workplace Challenges:  A Little Friendly Competition - Kyle Rolfing, CEO and Rick Kupchella (creator of the "Biggest Loser Minnesota Challenges")- It’s no secret that social games and challenges are becoming one of the most innovative and effective ways to engage individuals in their health. Using Red Brick Health’s social engagement platform, The Alliance for a Healthier Minnesota launched large-scale, multi-tiered weight loss, exercise and nutrition competitions between some of the largest employers in Minnesota, including General Mills, Target and United Health Group. The results? More than 10,000 employees participated, losing 37,000 pounds and exercising more than 16.5 million minutes. Learn how social and peer support and pressure, specific team dynamics and a little friendly competition can drive even greater engagement in healthy behavior change.

FORD MOTOR COMPANY – Aligning Ford’s Wellness Program with the Corporate Global "One Ford Health Strategy" - Walt Talamonti, MD, MPH, Medical Director, Clinical Operations - Attendees will learn about Ford Motors’ vision for improving employee health by aligning its benefits and wellness programs with the global One Ford business strategy that has driven the successful recovery of the company.  The key principles of wellness program design will be identified, and the strategies presented for implementing these principles to achieve real improvements in employees’ health.

TOYAL AMERICA, a Small Business Success Story in Controlling Health Care Cost - Bud Loprest, President & CEO and Mary Orga, SPHR, Human Resource Manager, tell the story of how one small business took matters into its own hands to tackle exploding health care costs that are devastating the small business sector that employs 58 million Americans.  Toyal concentrated on implementing two initiatives: (1) Consumer Driven Health Care to control the current costs of providing coverage to its 150 employees; (2) a health promotion program -- Changes That Last a Lifetime® (CTLL) – to control the future demand for health care. 

Two-and-a-half years later, the results are compelling: the average medical cost per employee has dropped significantly, to a level last seen 5 years ago.  Much of Toyal’s success has resulted from maximizing employee engagement by (a) actively involving company leadership in the effort,  (b) implementing a “Challenge” tied to incentives to get healthier, (c) removing barriers by teaching behavioral modification in nutrition and exercise with simple web-based tools and motivational speakers, and (d) measuring success by changes in biometric data with a risk assessment before and after the Challenge.

PPG INDUSTRIES – Alberto Colombi, MD, MPH, Corporate Medical Director, and an award winning international leader in measuring the productivity gains from better employee health, will speak to Growing a Culture of Health: Experiences and Challenges.  Dr. Colombi will assess the importance of having a “culture of health” and what that really means, describe its essential elements, describe how its value can be measured to show that it “works,” and consider the ongoing challenges of maintaining such a culture once it has been established.

PROCTER & GAMBLE – Sandra Morris, Senior Manager, Employee Benefits Healthcare Design, will talk about the global launch of P&G’s Vibrant Living program.  Procter & Gamble has moved the needle significantly in the United States on employee and dependent engagement in its wellness program – for example, in accessing preventive care --  with a new value-based design that enables them to earn back their entire deductible by participating. Now the program is “going global” with a company familiar to IHPM from our collaborations in China and Germany.

Using New Employee Insights to Drive a Culture of Health – Richard Bedrosian, PhD, Director, Behavioral Health Science at, HealthMedia® reports the results of a Wellness & Prevention Inc. study of more than 3000 employees at large companies, which found that those who perceived their company as having a strong “culture of health” were 3 times likelier to take action on their health – yet only 26% of these same workers thought  their company actually had such a culture!  Join us for an enlightening conversation around new data and insights that will help you understand: 1) if your company does have a “culture of health,” 2) how this culture  actually works inside the organization, and 3) what positive impacts it has on employee health and performance.   

Meeting the Health and Productivity Needs of a Global Work Force Rich Paul, MSW, CEAP, Senior Vice President, Health & Performance Solutions, ValueOptions - As more U.S.-based employers compete in a global economy, benefits must be aligned with the health and productivity requirements of diverse work cultures and locations.  One benefit that is being standardized globally is the Employee Assistance Plan (EAP).  Employers are leveraging EAPs to address local health and productivity issues, reinforce organizational policies and support training needs, provide crisis management preparedness and response services, and offer consistent multilingual web messaging to support employee health needs. This session will review global employers’ health and productivity issues resulting from the impact of ongoing industrialization and social change on the global work force, and the development of EAPs as a new benefit response to these issues. 

UPDATE!   International Presentations

Building a Resilient Work Force Through Wellness:  An Integrated Approach of Two Companies in Asia Pacific Eric Kung, M.Div, Chairman &CEO, Human Dynamic Asia Pacific Limited IHPM encountered Eric Kung last June at the third of a series of forums with its Chinese partners, the Ciming Health Check-Up Group; this event was in Dalian, a new hub for the Western business community, and his dynamic presentation in both English and Chinese was a highlight of the event.


Fresh Approach to Engaging and Energizing Your work Force From 'DownUnder': Kim Harvey, Azion Corporate Wellness Services, New Zealand – during IHPM’s 4th Annual Health & Productivity Congress in Melbourne, Australia this past summer, we heard an outstanding presentation of a national award-winning health and wellbeing program at Manukau City Council in New Zealand – so we’re bringing it to Orlando!



HEALTH REFORM CHANGES COURSE  - The overwhelming outcome of last November's election prefigures a major shift in the direction and shape of health reform over the next two years, as debate over the law continues in the new Congress and in the states -- many of which have new Governors and legislative majorities. To help us all assess the dramatically altered outlook for our health “system” we are very pleased to announce the return of the health policy expert best situated to do this – Grace-Marie Turner, President of the Galen Institute and  an advisor to the new Congressional leadership that - together with a growing majority of Governors - will be altering the course of reform over the next two years.  Come and get the best preview of what lies ahead from the health economist who will be helping to make it happen.

END-OF-LIFE ISSUES FOR WORKING CAREGIVERS: The heart of these issues is found in the personal stories of caregiving.

Rick Heine, Director Market Employer Development, Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems will share his personal journey during the terminal illness of his beloved spouse.

Following up the pioneering conference session last year with Pitney Bowes and health and productivity measurement leader Debra Lerner, IHPM intensifies its focus on  the latest research findings and best corporate practices on an increasingly critical issue for employers -- helping their employees to manage the challenge of dealing with end-of-life issues for parents or other family members while maintaining their ability to perform their jobs at a high level.  Alberto Colombi, M.D., Medical Director of PPG Industries and participant in path-breaking MetLife studies on caregiving, will be featured -- and with more than half of PPG’s business overseas, Dr. Colombi also will look at differences in Working Caregiver issues in other parts of the world such as China and Europe.


Randy Abbott, Senior Consultant and North American Leader/Health and Group Benefits at Towers Watson and IHPM’s Value-Based Health affiliate, gives the ongoing debate about carrots versus sticks in motivating individuals to practice health behaviors a new twist when he chairs a special session that explores the convergence of new incentive strategies, behavioral economics and alternative communication media as employers strive to engage more of their workers more fully in personal health improvement, chronic condition management and prudent use of health care resources. The panel will engage health plan leader Aetna Inc. with Michael Golinkoff, PhD, MBA, National Clinical Director of Aetna Behavioral Health, PBM leader Express Scripts, Inc., with Bob Nease, PhD, Chief Scientist & Senior Vice President, and Sandra Morris, Employee Benefits Healthcare Design, Procter & Gamble in a discussion of how behavioral economic principles are reshaping incentive approaches and how social media and other alternative communication technologies are broadening the ways employers can attract and sustain employee interest in taking action.



GLOBAL HEALTH CARE TRENDS AND TECHNOLOGY: HEALTH REVOLUTION ALREADY IN PROGRESS:  Bill Crounse, M.D., Senior Director of Worldwide Health for Microsoft, roams the world to speak about the forces reshaping health care and health.  He was  a huge hit at our 9th Annual Conference two years ago in Scottsdale, and returns to the IHPM stage in Orlando to provide an update and reflections on the business, population and technology trends that will most profoundly impact healthcare financing, research, costs, quality, access and medical care delivery  around the world.  Dr. Crounse will address trends in e-Healthcare Services, eHealth Benefits, and eHealth Telemedicine, and describe Microsoft HealthVault.  Just one provocative quote from a presentation you will take away from Orlando with you: “I’d like to suggest that we eliminate the term ‘insurance’ when talking about health care.”

Mobile Technology and Health Improvementpresentations on-stage and demonstrations in the exhibit area of some of the newest and best tools for harnessing the power of technology to increase employee engagement in health promotion and prevention programs and enable them to obtain and sustain better outcomes that also bring productivity gains to the workplace.  Join Barry Hix, Executive Director of Healthcare Solutions, 3Cinteractive and John Styers, Vice President for Corporate Strategy & Industry Relations for 3Cinteractive in addition to Doug Robinson, CEO, Rush Hour Digital (i-phone applications) and Darrell Meador, President 4G Biometrics (diabetes interventions and patient compliance) for a session that will open your eyes and minds to the potential gains from bringing health care – finally -- into the same “brave new world” as the rest of the economy!


IHPM's WorkPlace Center for Behavioral Health

The following three sessions focus on depression and obesity  and are presented under the aegis of this Center


Edward R. Jones, PhD, President, Commercial Division, ValueOptions. Depression is often found as a comorbid condition with many other chronic diseases, and failure to treat the depression at the same time makes treatment of the other condition less effective.  This session will share the experience of a public payer, the Commonwealth of Virginia, in realizing superior clinical and economic outcomes by treating depression that was comorbid with other chronic medical conditions.  

PUSHING THE MEASUREMENT CURVE TOWARDS COMPARATIVE EFFECTIVENESS:  Latest Findings on Managing Employee Health and Depression Debra Lerner, PhD, Professor of Medicine, Tufts University Medical School

and IHPM’s global partner for health and productivity measurement.  Working-age adults with depression experience higher rates of job loss, turnover, premature retirement, absence from work, and impaired performance at work.  The total costs to the economy reach into billions of dollars annually.  Depression treatment trials have contributed substantially to the evidence base and helped make the business case for improving the quality of depression treatment.  But employment problems would persist even if high-quality medical care were available to all working-age adults suffering from depression.  This session will demonstrate a new approach from an ongoing national employer study to improve performance on the job by workers treated for depression.


Richard Bedrosian, PhD, Director, Behavioral Health Science at HealthMedia, Inc. Behavioral health problems - in particular depression and binge eating - are closely linked with obesity.  Efforts to contain the worldwide obesity "epidemic" will prove incomplete if they don't address these critical and closely related components.  This path-breaking session will explore the linkages between such behavioral health problems and obesity, assess the resulting impact on health and productivity, and offer practical steps employers can take to reduce this impact.


IHPM's WorkPlace Center for Pain Management

The following two sessions focus on the management of migraine (one of the top 5 causes of presenteeeism identified in IHPM's landmark employer survey with Ingenix) and are presented under the aegis of this Center

IHPM’s WorkPlace Center for Pain Management is focusing on Migraine at this 11th Annual Conference.  The IHPM/Ingenix survey of 34 large employers found that migraines were reported as the #5 reason for presenteeism in the workplace – yet there is a wealth of published evidence to show the substantial return on relatively inexpensive treatment of this productivity killer.  On Tuesday, April 5th,  a “doubleheader” of medical directors from HPM Award winners Navistar International and Eastman Chemical will address this important but neglected area of health and productivity.

Migraines: Prevalence, Workplace Impact, and Management – Anita Holloway, MD, Corporate Medical Director, Navistar International Migraines affect about 30 million Americans, predominantly women of childbearing age (17.1% of women experience migraines vs. 5.6% of men).  Migraine-related absence and presenteeism account for more than 113 million lost workdays annually, costing employers $13 billion in lost productivity.  Dr. Holloway will discuss ways to avoid or minimize the impact of migraines – avoiding “triggers,” getting regular sleep and exercise, managing stress – as well as treatment options including triptans.

Impact of Migraines on an Active Work Force: Prevention, Clinical Management, and Disability Impact Ibrahim Heiba, MD, Corporate Medical Director, Eastman Chemical  -- a workplace study found that migraine is under-diagnosed and not effectively treated.  A significant number of participants suffered substantial disability impact and had higher claims costs over the past 3 years.  A large-scale six-month educational intervention on-site increased employee awareness and knowledge of migraines and also had a positive impact on medical provider awareness of the indirect workplace cost of lost productivity from migraines.


CONNECTING POPULATION HEALTH MANAGEMENT TO THE “HEALTH ECOSYSTEM”, featuring Mayo Clinic Health Solutions, Dossia, and Two Fortune 100 Employers

“Visioneering” a connected health ecosystem and exploring its value to health and productivity management

Individual and population health-related data have for too long been housed on multiple, segmented data platforms – comprising knowledge that, out of the hands of health care consumers, leaves them powerless to take control of their health and their lives.  New technologies now enable consumers to engage more fully in decision-making about their health care and accept more responsibility for their health.  And the platforms that make it possible to gather, integrate, organize and store the data to provide consumers with this usable knowledge also enable huge cost savings.

Leveraging data from multiple sources to improve population health is closer to reality than ever.  An “open ecosystem” is taking shape out of an infrastructure that connects source data from electronic medical records, personal health records, medical devices, mobile applications, pharmacies, health plans, biometric screenings, and health management vendors. These data unquestionably are more valuable together than they were in separate silos.

The most compelling argument for continued investment in an open health ecosystem is that today’s technology actually facilitates employee engagement. Built with the human experience in mind, new tools are made for easy adoption by removing the barriers created by static personal health records. Features such as connectivity to devices make these tools easy and intuitive to use -- enabling people to better manage their own health.

In this featured session, a panel of experts from  a cross-section of stakeholders  – physicians, employers, vendors, and data platform creators/integrators – will discuss how they are creating and working toward executing a vision  for a connected health ecosystem that:

  1. Facilitates engagement in health improvement initiatives
  2. Creates efficiencies in health care delivery
  3. Reduces duplication and risk associated with medical errors
  4. Designs useful predictive modeling tools

The goal of this session is to stimulate an  open dialogue rather than  present a theoretical framework for data connectivity.  The panel will explore the current  landscape, envision what employers and individuals stand to gain from this new ecosystem, and discuss data reporting needs --  learning from each other while informing attendees about how all stakeholders can help  make the possibilities a reality.


Philip Hagen, M.D., M.P.H., Department of Preventive, Occupational, and Aerospace Medicine, Mayo Clinic; Medical Director, Mayo Clinic Health Solutions

Mike Casey, M.B.A., Senior Director, Corporate/Government Accounts, Mayo Clinic Health Solutions

Steve Munini, Chief Operating Officer, Dossia

Karl Dalal, Director of Health and Prevention Benefits for BP America


"TWO PENS" INITIATIVE:  EMPLOYERS AND PHYSICIANS IMPROVING WORK FORCE HEALTH TOGETHER: There is conceptional agreement on the value to be gained from engaging practicing physicians in workplace health and productivity efforts, but no practical evidence to date because the worlds of medical practice and workplace health have not intersected.  Bill Williams, M.D., IHPM's Sr. VP, provides a progress report on the Employer/Physician Initiative with the California Association of Physician Groups (CAPG) with field projects getting underway to demonstrate the added value of engaging organized medical groups to help improve the health of working populations under the aegis of IHPM's WorkPlace Centers for Metabolic Health and Respiratory Health.


Update! - Pre-Conference Academies - $195.00 USD ea.

  • Value-Based Health (VBH) - The annual VBH Academy chaired by Steve Priddy, VBH's Executive Director of Employer Relations, and sponsored by Aflac will feature a national overview of value-based employer actions by Randy Abbott, Senior Consultant and North American Leader/Health and Group Benefits at Towers Watson and Jack Bastable, VBH's Director of Education. This year’s Academy is presenting a mix of small and large employers, as well as representing different sectors of the economy such as finance, manufacturing and health care.  Leading off is the return of a multiple Award-winner from past years, Bank Plus, for an update of continuing outstanding results from Bill Lee, CEO of Wellness Plus, the Bank’s new subsidiary (this presentation impressed a European audience at IHPM’s 6th Annual EU Forum in London last December). Triumph Aerostructures – Vought Aircraft Division - (speaker tbc) 2008 recipient of IHPM's Corporate Health & Productivity Management award.

Bud Loprest, President & CEO and Mary C. Orga, SPHR, Human Resources Manager of Toyal America, a Midwestern specialty manufacturer with fewer than 200 employees, have a remarkable story of CEO leadership and employee engagement that resulted in dramatic improvements in lifestyle-related metabolic health risk factors and actual reductions in health care costs to the levels of past years. Next up will be Kathleen Killion, Executive Director Health Literacy at  BJC Healthcare in St. Louis -- one of the largest metropolitan health care delivery systems in the nation, with more than 25,000 employees serving urban, suburban and rural populations in two states; health care workers have some of the worst health risk profiles of any employee populations, and BJC was no exception until a few years ago, when leadership from the C-Suite helped begin the spread of a culture of health throughout the organization, which is greatly improving that health risk profile for a difficult population working in a challenging environment.

  • Special Academy addressing the Workplace Burden for the Working Caregiver co-chaired by Pamella Thomas, M.D., former Director of Wellness and Health Promotion at Lockheed Martin Corporation and Alberto Colombi, M.D., Medical Director of PPG Industries.  Dr. Colombi will share findings from the landmark Met Life study of caregiving in which he participated, looking at the impact of caregiving responsibilities for parents and children on the ability of employees to work at optimal capacity.  Abi Fapohunda, PhD,  Asst. Professor at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health will present comparative data on caregiving from other countries (PPG now has more than half its operations outside the U.S.)  Dr. Thomas then will present Workplace Strategies to Restore Caregivers’ Functioning at Work and Home to help people understand what it means to be a working caregiver and how they can access benefits and services to reduce their burden.  The Academy will conclude with a panel discussion involving the audience.

IHPM's CHPM & VBH Awards Programs:

11th Annual Corporate Health & Productivity Management Awards and 4th Annual Value-Based Health Awards winners coming to Orlando for the 11th Annual International Health & Productivity Conference IHPM will introduce the winners of its 11th Annual Corporate Health & Productivity Management Awards and its 4th Annual Value-Based Health Awards at its 11th Annual International Health & Productivity Conference in Orlando, April 4-6.We are pleased to announce a total of 10 new Award winners out of a record total of applicants; all of these employers will be at the Conference to be recognized in two separate Award ceremonies

Corporate Health & Productivity Management winners include Level I, Level II and International recipients on Monday afternoon, April 4th. Awards will be presented by Joe Leutzinger, PhD, President of IHPM’s Academy and CHPM Sponsor, Aetna Inc.

Level I  winners, including 2 manufacturers, an energy company, and a regional health care delivery system. A new International winner (the fourth so far) from Latin America. A new Level II winner (the fifth so far)

Value-Based Health winners – a small manufacturer, a mid-sized insurance company, a mid-sized county government, and (another) large regional health care delivery system – on Tuesday morning, April 5th – presented by Steve Priddy, Executive Director of Employer Relations for VBH and Sponsored by Aflac.

Several of these Award winners will tell their stories at the pre-conference Value-Based Health Academy or during the General Conference program, and all will be available to mix with attendees during the breaks and receptions.

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