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9th Annual International Health & Productivity Conference

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UPDATES:  March 20, 2009

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The Institute for Health and Productivity Management is adding a new  track to its 9th Annual International Conference at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando, Tuesday, April 7th.

Population Health Management is the newest name for integrated health and disease management, and IHPM now is adding a morning track to its Annual Conference on Tuesday, April 7th to feature  new sessions on this subject – which is central to improving the functional health and, thereby, the productivity of the work force in a systematic fashion.

The new track will run from 8 a.m. to noon on April 7th, giving attendees a choice between this subject and the existing sessions on Improving Health through Lifestyle Behavior Change.  It will feature:

Ray Fabius, MD, Strategic Adviser to the President of Walgreen’s and former President & Chief Medical Officer of CHD Meridian, speaking on Population Health Management and Productivity – reinvesting savings from reducing the cost of care for the chronically ill in prevention and lifestyle change programs that will yield returns in health and performance gains;

Andrew Bertagnolli, PhD, Consultant with the Care Management Institute at Kaiser Permanente, speaking about Improving the Management of Pain in the Work Place – using population health management techniques to improve the management of pain – a top-three cause of productivity loss – with positive impacts on sleep, depression and – productivity;

John Schaab, Corporate Ergonomist at Intel (TBC), and Rick Nevins, MD, Chief Clinical Officer and Vice President for Research at IHPM,  on Reducing Musculoskeletal Pain in the Workplace – reporting the results of another IHPM field research study done under the aegis of its Workplace Center for Pain Management, using deep tissue massage to produce measureable improvements in pain and productivity;

Randall Abbott, Practice Leader at Watson Wyatt Worldwide, and Sean Sullivan, JD, President & CEO of IHPM, engage in a dialogue on the importance of maintaining corporate investments in improving employee health and performance now, more than ever,  in the current economic climate;

Tom Wilson, PhD, Founder and Chairman of the Population Health Impact Institute (PHII), -- speaking on How to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Health and Disease Management Programs,  with emphasis on the issue of "transparency" in methods of calculating returns on investment.   (Tom also will be holding a workshop Wednesday, April 8th, from 1:30 – 3:00 PM on Comparative Effectiveness).

Session TBA on the remarkable low-cost, high-return results achieved through web-based disease management  programs for multiple employer clients of a regional health plan.  (details forthcoming).

Creating this new track and moving two Key sessions from other days creates more room for everyone, as well as offering Conference attendees extra value with a meaningful choice of subject matter and presenters on Tuesday morning.  Population Health Management and  Lifestyle Behavior Change are twin barrels to be fired at the targets of rising medical costs and increasing loss of productivity.




IHPM brings value-based health strategies to the small employer

with a special forum on Tuesday, April 7th at a special one-day rate.

Attendees will join the Track Session on Lifestyle Behavior Change in the morning – then, after lunch, enjoy their own customized session focusing on health benefit and overall health plan designs that incorporate wellness programs suited to the needs and budgets of these employers. 

The Forum will be overseen by Dan Whitney, PhD, CMPE,  President and CEO of Medova Healthcare Financial Group in Wichita, Kansas.  Attendees will learn about the elements of a cost-effective, high-value health plan with insurance benefits and a wellness program that, together, bring small employers an integrated approach to improving their employees’ health with lifestyle behavior change and disease management components , as well as preventive services and the protection of insurance coverage for large medical expenses.

Following the afternoon break, attendees will join the General Session for a panel discussion of the “New Importance of Behavioral Health Issues in the Workplace”, as well as the concluding  session  on “Mental Health Parity: the Changing Legal Environment for Employee Benefits.”

It will be a day of unique value for small employers, as they participate in larger sessions on Lifestyle Behavior Change and Behavioral Health Issues in the Workplace, while rolling up their sleeves for an intense workshop on the nuts and bolts – and cost savings – of innovative health plan designs for them.


Human Performance Institute

sponsored by HealthMedia

Human Performance Institute Co-Founder

Jim Loehr, EdD, to Keynote IHPM Conference in Orlando

Dr. Jim Loehr, author of the bestselling book "The Power of Full Engagement", has developed a science-based energy management training system recognized worldwide and chronicled in the Harvard Business Review, BusinessWeek, FORTUNE and Fast-Company.

The core of this training system is the understanding that the "stories" we tell ourselves are the single most powerful tool we have for managing energy and achieving any important mission in life.

Jim has worked with hundreds of world-class professionals from business, sports, medicine and law enforcement - including Fortune 100 companies like Procter & Gamble and Dell, the FBI and the Special Forces. He is a member of the American Psychological Association and the American College of Sports Medicine, as well as the Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology. He will lead off the final day of the Conference, speaking at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, April 8th.

Come and discover why Jim Loehr is one of the most sought after speakers in America, for his unique and powerful approach to motivation and performance. Copies of his latest book, The Power of Story, will be available at the Conference.



With a serious debate getting underway about the future shape and direction of American health care, IHPM’s Public Policy Task Force will hold a dinner panel discussion, featuring Edward F.X. Hughes, MD, MPH, Professor of Health Industry Management, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University; Michael O'Donnell, PhD, Editor-in-Chief and President, American Journal of Health Promotion; Scott Gottlieb, MD Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute (TBC) and moderated by Sean Sullivan, IHPM’s President and a former 20-year veteran of the Washington policy world.  The dinner panel for all conference attendees will be held on Monday, April 6th, from 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. following the Reception in the Exhibit Hall. 



Five years ago at its Orlando conference, IHPM helped to launch the Population Health Impact Institute (PHII), led by Tom Wilson, PhD and dedicated to the emerging idea of “transparency” in methods of evaluating the results from health and disease management interventions.  Now Dr. Wilson returns to present a Special Workshop on the newest concept in the evaluation arena – Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER).  This special session on the new evaluation paradigm for value-based health care will be held on Wednesday, April 8th, from 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. at the conclusion of the General Session.

Program Agenda

April 6-8, 2009 -- Orlando, FL

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Monday, April 6 - 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Pre-Conference Academy on Value-Based Health (VBH)

IHPM will continue its series of pre-conference Academies devoted to the theme of Value-Based Health. The Institute's Value-Based Health initiative was established three years ago to advance the concept and design of value-based health benefits and programs for employers. This year's Academy features:

  • Jack Mahoney, MD, Senior Consultant to Pitney Bowes, speaking on the culture of health integral to a successful value-based approach;
  • Steve Priddy, IHPM's Director of Employer Relations, describing the evolving framework for value-based design and practice;
  • Randall Abbott, Senior Consultant and Practice Leader for Watson Wyatt, presenting an updated overview of the value-based health among employers nationally;
  • Dan Whitney, PhD, MBA - President of Medova Healthcare, providing the latest view of value-based health's spread to the smaller employer world;
  • VBH and two time HPM Award Winner Intel will present its value-based approach to the health of its employees around the globe, while VBH and President's Award Winner Aetna will describe value-based programs for its own employees and for its employer customers

Monday, April 6 - 12:30 - 6:00 p.m.

Opening General Session

12:30 - Welcome and Preview of Conference Agenda

12:45 - FirstPower: Culture’s Impact on Organizational and Individual Health – John Daniel, Executive Vice President for Human Resources, First Horizon Bank - Hear how a banking company's commitment to the total health of its employees has served it - and them - well in good times and tough times.

1:30  - Building a Culture of Health: Real and Perceived Value in the Work Place – Health Management Corporation (HMC) – findings from a survey of employers’ different needs for building a culture of health in the work place, as well as high-level insights on the process and trends by market segment.

2:15  - Value-Based Health: Best Strategies for Investing in Health and Performance in the Work Place – Aetna,  HMC,  Intel,  Pitney Bowes,  Watson Wyatt – panel of corporate, health plan and consultant leaders looks at the most significant features of health benefit and program design to obtain the greatest value for employers and their workers. 

3:00  - Break in Exhibit Hall

3:30  - Metabolic Health and the Work Force: Report from the Co-Chairs of a National Consensus Conference held under the auspices of IHPM’s Workplace Center for Metabolic Health – William Bunn, MD, Vice President of Health, Safety and Productivity at Navistar International, and John Seibel, MD, Chief Medical Officer of the New Mexico Medical Review Association and Past President of the American Society of Endocrinology – summary of the latest clinical and business thinking on the increasing prevalence and total cost of diabetes, obesity and related cardiovascular health risks in the work place and successful approaches to improving risk factors and productivity.

4:15  - Total Burden of Illness in the Work Place from Selected Diseases – William Bunn, MD, and Harris Allen, PhD, Lecturer at Yale School of Medicine share their latest study on the total direct medical and related work place costs of selected diseases, as well as patterns of treatment, at Navistar International.

5:00  - President's Award (TBA)

5:20  - National Employer Case Study of Integrated Health Management to Improve Employee Performance TBA (session details to appear in a future e-News)

6:00   - Reception in Exhibit Hall


Tuesday, April 7 - 8 :00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

General Session

Improving Health through Lifestyle Behavior Change

At its Annual International Conference in October, IHPM put James Prochaska, PhD and the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change on center stage. Dr. Prochaska's keynote and track session drew large crowds eager to learn more about employee engagement - the key to population health improvement, but the sticking point for many employers trying to get workers to lead healthier lives.

Now at this conference four leading "Behavior Change" experts will explore the subject of Improving Health through Lifestyle Behavior Change more thoroughly.

  • 8:00 - James Prochaska, PhD returns to talk more about engaging more employees in making healthy behavior changes by tailoring programs to their individual "stage of readiness".
    • This will include information on Pro-Change's LifeStyle Management programs for Stress, Exercise, Weight Management, Depression, Hypertension, Smoking Cessation and Cholesterol.
  • 9:00 - Research findings from the work of Dr. William Miller at the University of New Mexico on the increasingly popular technique of "motivational interviewing" will be presented by Denise Ernst, PhD, a student of Dr. Miller's with 15 yrs. experience in motivational interviewing research and training.
    • Dr. Ernst will highlight how the principles of motivational interviewing can enhance the quality of communication concerning improvement of employee health in the workplace.
  • 9:45 - David Mee-Lee, MD, psychiatrist and Chief Editor of the Revised Second Edition of the ASAM Criteria, will provide a physician's perspective on individual behavior change and behavioral health issues.
    • Dr. Mee-Lee will discuss how to motivate and engage hard-to-reach individuals, focusing on "human loss" and its relationship to workplace productivity.
  • 11:00 - This session will conclude with a panel discussion, moderated by Janet Calhoun, VP of The Change Companies, of pilot sites across the US where programs founded on the principles of behavior change are being tested in the arena of employee health improvement.


Tuesday, April 7 - 1 :00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Sharpening the Focus on Behavioral Health Issues

Sponsored by HealthMedia

IHPM rolled out its new Workplace Center for Behavioral Health with Founding Sponsor HealthMedia at last October’s conference, in recognition of the fact that behavioral health issues are becoming the top concern of many companies in the technology and service sectors.  This new Workplace Center will give these issues the same close and continuing attention that IHPM’s Metabolic Health Center for the past four years has given  the risks and diseases clustered under “metabolic syndrome.”  In Orlando, other major players in the behavioral health world such as Aetna, CIGNA, and Value Options will join HealthMedia and employers  to address a larger agenda of these related issues that are costing employers so much in lost productivity.

1:00  - Behavioral Health: Critical to the 21st Century Knowledge-Based Work Force – Ed Jones, PhD, Executive Vice President, ValueOptions and Chair of the Lansdowne Group – behavioral health issues have become the biggest source of lost performance in the modern work place, and must be addressed in better ways to improve employees’ total health and well being – and their productivity.

1:30  - Behavioral Health: The Missing Link in Population Health Management will be discussed by Rich Bedrosian, PhD, Director of Behavioral Health for HealthMedia, and Steve Melek, National Practice Leader for Milliman.

2:15  - Making Mental Health a Priority – Alberto Colombi, MD, Medical Director of PPG Industries, shares his company’s award-winning workplace program for early detection, referral, and treatment of depression, and presents comparative data from PPG’s work force on the impact of mental and physical health issues on productivity.

3:00  - Sleep Disorders: Hidden Thief of Health and Productivity – Rich Bedrosian, PhD, and Rick Nevins, MD, Chief Clinical Officer and VP for Research & Development at IHPM, share evidence on this neglected but huge workplace health issue – perhaps the single largest unaddressed reason for productivity loss in American industry – and its co-morbidities such as depression and obesity.

3:30  - Break in Exhibit Hall

4:00  - Addressing the “New” Importance of Behavioral Health Issues in the Workplace – panelists from providers HealthMedia, Aetna, CIGNA, and Value Options are joined by Dr. Colombi,  Pamella Thomas, MD, Director of Wellness for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, and David Groves, PHD, former VP for Human Resources at Comerica Bank for a robust discussion of the barriers to, and successes in, dealing with “mental health” issues that have been identified as the largest source of productivity loss in the modern economy.

5:00  - Mental Health Parity: the Changing Legal Environment for Employee Benefits – Ed Jones, PhD is joined by Pamela Greenberg, President of the Association for Behavioral, Health and Wellness and a Washington veteran, to explain the significance for employers and payers of the new legislation governing benefit coverage for mental health conditions.

6:00  - Reception in Exhibit Hall


Wednesday, April 8 - 8:00 - 1:30 p.m.

General Session

8:00   - Human Performance Institute - Dr. Jim Loehr, EdD, author of the bestselling book "The Power of Full Engagement", has developed a science-based energy management training system recognized worldwide and chronicled in the Harvard Business Review, BusinessWeek, FORTUNE and Fast-Company.

9:00  - Making Work Force Health a Global Business Strategy – John Cooper, MD, Head of Corporate Occupational Health at Unilever, with Dean Patterson, returns to the United States to describe the returns this global giant is getting from its worldwide Health and Productivity Management program (Dr. Cooper was the recipient of a special International Leadership Award from IHPM in 2005).

9:45  - Bringing Better Health to the Workplace and the Neighborhood – Raymond Fabius, MD, Strategic Adviser to the President of Walgreen’s, is joined by a representative of Wal-Mart in a lively panel discussion of how access to – and delivery of – health services is being transformed in the United States at the consumer level – in retail stores and at worksites.  Moderated by IHPM’s CEO Sean Sullivan, this session will reveal the profound implications of spreading retail and worksite health services for the future of the health care “system” and the health – and productivity – of working Americans.

10:30  - Break

11:00  - Building Communities of Health in America – Gary Earl of CIGNA (session description to appear in a future e-News).

11:45  - Incentives That Drive Engagement and Behavior Change – Curt Cooper, Director of Employee Benefits for American Electric Power and Gregg Lehman, PHD, CEO of Health Fitness Corporation show how properly designed and administered incentives can drive employee engagement in healthier lifestyles that result in better health within a particular company culture.

12:30   - Key Survey Findings on Selected Womens’ Health Issues – Rick Nevins, MD highlights the results from an employee survey on selected womens’ health issues done with a major national employer in the hospitality industry, and including the workplace productivity impact of caregiving responsibilities.

1:00   - Adjourn



Comparative Effectiveness: The New Evaluation Paradigm for

Employer Value-Based Health Care

1:30 - 3:00 - Population Health Impact Institute Workshop

It's the new buzz term in Washington – “Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER)” – with the CER “experts” charged to “separate the wheat from the chaff."  Laudable goal, but does it meet reality?  And will the results be definitive?

If the methods are not fully transparent,  we cannot answer these questions.  IHPM is offering an exciting Wednesday afternoon workshop from 2:00 p.m. -3:30 p.m. to help sort all this out, led by Tom Wilson, PhD, epidemiologist and Chairman of the non-profit Population Health Impact Institute (PHII) that IHPM actually helped to launch five years ago in Orlando!

The workshop will teach you how to open the “black box" of unrevealed and differing evaluation methods that lie behind the claims of health and productivity management programs – using the "Methods Evaluation Process [TM]" - a well-vetted, peer-reviewed set of understandable and easily applied guidelines to what methods should be transparent (and which not)  in comparative effectiveness assessments of workplace programs.  And you will receive a certificate for attending the workshop. 

As a preview of what to expect, you can read Dr. Wilson's article The Transparency Movement in IHPM's Health & Productivity Management magazine (Vol . 4, No. 3).  And you can visit the PHII web site at www.PHIinstitute.org. To register for this workshop, included in your conference registration, please email info@PHIinstitute.org or deborah@ihpm.org.


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April 6-8, 2009

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