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IHPM WorkPlace Wellness Alliance Calendar of Events

2019 Calendar Overview


2nd Quarter

  • April: Establish IHPM Europe Chapter Office in Stuttgart, Germany 
  • May: Planning Meeting for IHPM LATAM Affiliate in Monterrey, Mexico
  • May: Planning Meeting for IHPM India Affiliate in Mumbai 
  • June/July: Forum w/IHPM Russia Chapter in Moscow


3rd Quarter 

  • July 20-22: IHPM Board of Director's Retreat and Partner Member Meetings, North Carolina
  • August: IHPM/WPWA China Chapter Forums/Conferences Beijing and Shanghai


  • September 5/6: Global Steering Group & Business Council Forum | The Sanctuary, Phoenix, AZ
  • September 11: Travel Vaccinations Advisory Board, Houston, TX
  • October: Energy Industry Forum in Houston (topic TBD)


4th Quarter 

November: IHPM Central & Eastern Europe Forum


2019 Target Areas

  • Functional Impairment (presenteeism), Productivity Loss & Disability -- the economic burden of illness.  "Three Big Ms" Globally:
    • Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain
    • Mental Health
      • EAPs — the “first line” in the battle against mental and psychological health ailments 
    • Obesity and Cardio-Metabolic Syndrome
  • Nutrition Innovations that can impact employee populations
  • Sleep Health — the neglected foundation for all health
  • Resilience — a key to wellbeing/psychological fitness through "handling" stressors
  • Opioid Use/Abuse  — America’s escalating drug war 
  • Suicide Prevention — a new global “preventive health” priority
  • Self-Care/Self-Treatment — a future key to accessible and affordable health “systems” (and to reduced functional impairment and productivity loss 
  • Eco-system and Culture of Health and Wellbeing





















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