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Health Risks and Higher Workers Compensation Costs

Factors Influencing Return to Work: Keeping Health in Context

Estimating Productivity Loss Due to Migraine

Health & Productivity Costs for People with Arthritis

Health Risks and Work Performance

Productivity Gains from RX Treatment of Allergies

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Influence of Participants in a Worksite Health-Promotion

Health Risks and Time Away from Work

Patterns of Health Benefits Usage by Eligibility for Disability

Lost Productivity from the Common Cold

New Findings Comparing Self-report Absence & Productivity

Longitudinal Effects of Antihistamines on Worker Productivity

Valudating Self-Reported Measures of Productivity in Manufacturing

Pharmaceuticals and Worker Productivity Loss

Direct and Indirect Costs of Poor Employee Health

Relationship of BMI/Physical Activity to Health Care Costs

Association of Additional Health Risks on Medical Charges and Prevalence of Diabetes within BMI Categories

The Burden of Allergies - and the Capacity of Medications to Reduce this Burden

Chronic Conditions and Work Performance: Annual Excess Absenteeism and Presenteeism Days* by Occupation

Overview of Disease Management Approaches Implications for Corporate-Sponsored Programs

Changes in Health Risks and Work Productivity Over Time

The Association of Medical Conditions and Presenteeism

Assessment of Chronic Health Conditions on Work Performance, Absence and Total Economic Impact for Employers

The Impact of Obesity on Work Limitations and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in The U.S. Workforce

The Relationship Between Health Risks and Work Productivity

The Association of Health Risks with On-the-Job Productivity

The Burden of Pain on Employee Health and Productivity at a Major Provider of Business Services

Health as a Complete State:  The Added Value in Work Perfofrmance and Healthcare Costs

Comparing Excess Costs Across Multiple Corporate Populations

Worker Productivity Loss Associated with Arthritis

The Clinical and Occupational Correlates of Work Productivity Loss Among Employed Patients with Depression

The Association of Two Productivity Measures with Health Risks/Medical Conditions in Australian Employee Population

Effect of Smoking Status on Productivity Loss

Economic Burden of Illness for Employees with Painful Conditions

The Association of Healthcare Costs With Per Unit Body Mass Index Increases

The Economic Value of Healthy Workers: Intervention Case Study Among Employees of an Australian Corporation

Predicting Smoking Cessation Attempts

If Employees Quit Smoking, How Long do the Savings Take?

Effectiveness of an Incentive-Based Online Physical Activity Intervention on Employee Health Status

Lost Productive Time (LPT) Associated with Excess Weight in the U. S. Workforce

The Association of Worksite Fitness Center Participation and Two Measures of Productivity

The Application of Two Health and Productivity Instruments at a Large Employer

The Association Between Health Risk Change and Presenteeism Change

The Association of Antidepressant Medication Adherence with Employee Disability Absences

Impact of Statin CoPayments on Adherence and Medical Care Utilization


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