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Dec 2015:
Corporate Health & Productivity Management Awards | President's Global Leadership Award Winners [click here]

The Case for Self-Care and
Over-The-Counter Medicines: Value-Add
to Health Care and Productivity for
Employees and Employers
* [
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Employee Benefit News interview with Sean Sullivan, JD - [click here]


Health as Human Capital interview with Sean Sullivan, JD - [click here]



2015 - THANK YOU to our partners, associates and affiliates who have added
to the journey of Advancing Health &
Performance Globally!


2016 Calendar


IHPM MENA Self-Care Forum
1st Qtr. - Saudi Arabia


IHPM MENA Steering Group Mtgs.

  • February 29
  • May 30
  • September 26
  • December 19

2nd Quarter:


Sleep Health & Wellness Forum

Hosted at University of Pennsylvania

April 5, 2016

Click here for Agenda, Registration, Details


IHPM China | Academy for Certification in HPM

Beijing - Late Spring


Energy Industry Health, Wellness & Productivity Global Summit - Late Spring | Houston, TX

Limited seating event for Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Energy Distribution Companies


Spring Leadership Forum

IHPM WorkPlace Wellness Alliance Steering Group & Business Leadership Council

Location tbc

3rd Quarter:

IHPM/WPWA Board of Directors Retreat | Oak Island, NC


Fall Leadership Forum

IHPM WorkPlace Wellness Alliance Steering Group & Business Leadership Council

Scottsdale, AZ



WorkPlace Centers™

The WorkPlace Centers were created for the unique role of conducting field work with actual employers and service providers to advance health and productivity management. These field research and demonstration projects engage IHPM 'in the trenches' with actual employees; they generate new data and examples that further build the business case for investments to increase the human capital value of workers’ health. [Sean Sullivan, JD, Co-Founder & CEO, IHPM]

- Behavioral Health

- Metabolic Health

- Respiratory Health

- Sleep Health & Wellness

Upcoming WorkPlace Centers™


- Heart Health


- Pain Management


- Aging Workforce & Working Caregivers


For more information contact Deborah or Sean:  +1.480.305.2100


WorkPlace Wellness Alliance Definitions: Health, Wellness, Wellbeing, Measurement Read More



WorkPlace Wellness Alliance

Organizations, in their role as employers, have an even greater responsibility to nurture employee resilience; there is strong evidence that a healthy workforce is vital to a country’s competitiveness, productivity and well-being. Over 50% of the working population spend the majority of their time at work, so the workplace provides a unique opportunity to raise awareness, as well as guide and incentivize individuals to develop healthier behaviours. This has proven to have a multiplier effect, as employees integrate health and well-being into their families and communities. [Klaus Schwab, Founder & Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum]

Over the past four years the World Economic Forum has successfully worked towards the goal of improving health and well-being through the Work Place Wellness Alliance, a consortium of companies committed to advancing wellness in the workplace.  READ MORE




4th Quarter:


IHPM/WPWA 16th Annual Global Health & Productivity
Conference |
Dubai, UAE

Review 15th Annual Global Conference:

Making Health & Wellbeing Global Values [AGENDA] | This event was endorsed by:  H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Maktoum Bin Juma Al Maktoum | Overview & Prospectus [click here]

ABQV | WPWA Brazil Conference

Florianopolis, Santa Caterina | Brazil


12th Annual EU Forum

London tbc

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